Now that summer is almost over; children will return to school again. This means waking up earlier, prepping your kids’ lunch boxes, and driving them to school. If you’re a regular commuter, you’re likely to get stuck in traffic before or after school.

Since a school zone is filled with children and has more traffic than usual, it’s crucial to perform all your duties as a responsible driver and study the necessary rules to prevent getting traffic tickets or getting in an accident.

This is why we’ve compiled a list of some of the most important rules you should remember when driving in a school zone in New York.

1. Do Not Speed

When you arrive at a school zone, one of the first things to do is reduce your speed. Most school zones in New York have a speed limit of 20 mph or less. Make sure you’re aware of all the warning signs that lead up to the school zone, so you reduce your speed before you arrive.

2. Be Prepared for Increased Traffic

When school is in session, it’s more than likely that you will have to face the increased traffic from 7 am to 9 am and from 3 pm to 5 pm. This is the time when most parents are dropping off their kids at school.

Besides the traffic, foot traffic also increases during these hours because many kids walk to school with parents escorting them. Just be prepared to face the increased traffic and pay extra attention to your surroundings.

3. Be Careful of School Buses

A child riding in the car with her mom.

It is illegal to pass a school bus that is stopping for children to get on or off the bus. Make sure to stop and see the yellow and red lights when the buses come by and give them a greater following distance than you would to a normal car.

It’s not uncommon for people in New York to get charged with a fine and a traffic ticket because of the busy roads, especially in school zones.

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