Hire a DUI Lawyer in Eastchester to Defend You Against Drunk Driving Charges

What happens if get stopped for alleged drunk driving in Eastchester having bought and consumed one too many drinks? In this scenario, we recommend getting in touch with one of our intoxication defense lawyers in Eastchester at DWI and Traffic Lawyers as soon as possible.

At DWI and Traffic Lawyers, our criminal defense lawyers are well-versed in providing high-quality legal assistance to clients issued with traffic tickets for drinking and driving in Eastchester. Our traffic lawyers have successfully saved clients from numerous court hearings in the past due to factors like the mishandling of cases by police officers. We also help clients charged with drunk driving in Eastchester understand the charges brought against them and avoid self-incrimination.

A man getting stopped by polics

Our DWI Lawyers Are Ready to Help You Avoid Hefty Fines for Speeding Tickets in Eastchester

Ask anyone who drives around Eastchester frequently and they’re bound to mention speed traps in places like California Road. But what if you don’t drive often and you’ve accidentally picked up a speeding ticket in Eastchester? Unless you want to pay a hefty fine and have a mark on your DMV record, it’s vital to reach out to an expert DWI lawyer who specializes in helping clients issued with speeding tickets.

Our traffic violations lawyers have used their sound understanding of speeding laws in Eastchester to help countless clients successfully plead “not guilty” to speeding tickets in Eastchester. If you hire one of our DWI lawyers to handle your speeding ticket in Eastchester, they’ll go to court and do everything possible to minimize the charges brought against you.


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Got a Traffic Ticket in Eastchester? We’ll Ensure it Doesn’t Lead to a Cancellation of Your Car Insurance Policy

Did you know car insurance costs over $2,000 a year in Eastchester NY? In other words, if you’ve been paying car insurance for 5 years and you pick up a traffic ticketin Eastchester, you could lose the equivalent of $10,000!

If you want to avoid this nightmare scenario, reach out to us today to talk to a seasoned traffic lawyer in Eastchester. They’ll help convince your insurance provider to maintain your policy following a traffic ticket, so you can continue driving around Eastchester without worrying about being uninsured.

Contact us today and find out what it’s like to obtain legal assistance froman experienced traffic lawyer in Eastchester!