Stop Points Being Docked from Your Driver’s License by Reaching Out to our Expert Traffic Lawyer in Harrison

Anyone that drives down Purchase Street toward the Purchase Community house in Harrison is bound to appreciate how scenic this route is. Similarly, there are gorgeous roads adjacent to the Century and Oak’s Country Clubs near West Harrison. But what if you accidentally drive too quickly through these roads and find out you’ve lost points on your license? In this situation, we recommend reaching out to DWI and Traffic Lawyers.

Our team of traffic lawyers in Harrison has the qualifications and experience necessary to minimize the penalties for clients issued speeding tickets in Harrison. We also help clients who are unable to attend court by sending one of our criminal defense lawyers to represent them on their behalf.

Our DUI Lawyers Do Their Utmost to Ensure Clients Don’t Have to Pay Hefty Fines for Drunk Driving in Harrison

Many of Harrison’s golf and country clubs feature fantastic dining and social facilities including restaurants and bars with extensive alcohol menus. While patrons always do their best to drink responsibly, sometimes they accidentally have too much before getting into a car. If you find yourself in similar circumstances, our DUI lawyers in Harrison are ready to help.

If you’re caught drunk driving in Harrison, there’s a mandatory fine of up to $10,000 depending on how many previous DUIs are on your record. In this situation, we recommend hiring our DUI lawyers to help you understand legal procedures and figure out whether there are any grounds to have the charges against you dismissed.

A person sitting inside a vehicle and popping open a beer bottle.
Man caught drunk driving

We Ensure Clients Charged with Driving Under the Influence Have the Best Possible Chance of Avoiding Incarceration

If you’re facing potential jail time for drunk driving in Harrison, we recommend reaching out to us to have an experienced DUI lawyer in your corner.

They’ll use their extensive legal knowledge to defend you in court and try to get the charges against you lowered. They’ll also give you tips on how to cooperate with the local authorities without incriminating yourself.

With our DWI lawyers by your side, you can rest assured you’ll have a fighting chance of avoiding jail time for drinking and driving in Harrison.

Get in touch with us today and we’ll assign one of our traffic lawyers in Harrison to help defend you against a wide array of traffic violation charges.