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Avoid Traffic Violation Charges with the Help of a Seasoned DUI Lawyer in Mt Vernon

Did you know nine bus passengers were injured during a three-vehicle crash in Mount Vernon last year? This is just one example of the type of motor vehicle accidents that take place on major roads in Mt Vernon like Cross County Parkway and Hutchinson River Parkway.

Motor vehicle accidents often lead to drivers being charged with traffic violations such as alleged drunk driving in Mt Vernon. If you find yourself in this situation, one of the best courses of action is to reach out to a seasoned DUI lawyer in Mt Vernon like DWI and Traffic Lawyers.

At DWI and Traffic Lawyers, we specialize in helping clients avoid penalties for traffic violation charges such as drinking and driving in Mt Vernon. Every DWI lawyer on our team has a sound understanding of the laws on drunk driving in Mt Vernon, so you can rest assured we’ll do our utmost to help you avoid fines and a potential jail term for traffic violations.

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Hire a Traffic Lawyer in Mt Vernon to Help Maintain a Clean DMV Record

It’s tempting to think paying for a traffic ticket in Mt Vernon isn’t a big deal—but nothing could be further from the truth! If you get a traffic ticket in Mt Vernon, you could lose 11 points on your license and/or be fined up to $1,575 in court. Moreover, the DMV will add a conviction to your record that could lead to further consequences like getting unfavorable terms on your car insurance policy. That’s where DWI and Traffic Lawyers come in.

We’ve built a reputation for being one of the best traffic lawyers in Mt Vernon by helping our clients increase their chances of reducing or eliminating traffic tickets. We also help clients prevent self-incrimination and do everything possible to lower your traffic violation fines.

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Obtain the Best Possible Outcome in Court by Consulting an Expert Criminal Defense Lawyer in Mt Vernon

Why head to court alone for criminal offenses like alleged drunk driving in Mt Vernon when you can hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer to help you?

At DWI and Traffic Lawyers, our team of criminal defense lawyers in Mt Vernon helps clients understand and navigate New York’s complex criminal justice laws. Our criminal defense lawyers have used their thorough understanding of the judicial system used in Mt Vernon to help numerous clients avoid felony charges.

Whether you’ve received a speeding ticket or have been charged with alleged drunk driving, if you want legal assistance from a well-regarded criminal defense lawyer in Mt Vernon, reach out to us today.