Prevent Getting a Drinking and Driving Offense on Your Permanent Record

Drinking and driving in different areas of New York like Portchester, can result in fines and sentences. However, at DWI and Traffic Lawyers, our DWI Lawyers in Portchester provide legal guidance and representation to people who want to defend themselves against drunk driving charges.

Our DUI and DWI lawyers in Portchester have 20+ years of experience dealing with cases of people who consume alcohol before driving. Moreover, we understand that as long as you don’t get into major accidents, a drunk driving offense shouldn’t have the power to ruin your DMV record—but it can! Therefore, always hire a DWI Lawyer in Portchester and let them avoid getting this on your driving record and negatively impacting your future.

Person opening a bottle for drinking and driving in Portchester

Have you been charged with a criminal offense? While you might be worried that this can affect your future, DWI and Traffic Lawyers can prevent it from having a substantial negative impact on your life. Our criminal defense lawyers in Portchester help people facing criminal charges. We navigate the complex world of criminal law to find things that can help them win trials.

Our criminal defense lawyers in Portchester have an understanding of how the justice system works in New York and find legal elements that work in your favor. Our experienced attorneys use their knowledge to ensure you end up on the right side of the law and don’t get charged ‘guilty’ in court. We can help reduce your charges and even get the case dismissed in some cases.

Man caught drunk driving

Avoid Paying For Speeding Tickets in Portchester

Were you driving over the speed limit and got a speeding ticket? At first sight, paying and getting done with the speeding ticket might seem like the more sensible option, but this might not be a good idea. At DWI and Traffic Lawyers, our traffic lawyers in Portchester agree that these tickets can end up on your permanent driving record, and if you get too many speeding tickets, you might lose your license.

Get in touch with us and let our traffic lawyers in Portchester help you avoid paying for speeding tickets.