We New Yorkers don’t have the best reputation when it comes to driving carefully. This is probably why New York has such complex and extensive traffic laws—but ironically, those aren’t able to keep some traffic violators at bay.

From not reading road signs to speeding recklessly, New Yorkers can get really rough on the roads. As a result, some traffic tickets are definitely more common here than in other states.

Here are the most laws being violated.


New York has busy roads, but that doesn’t necessarily stop New Yorkers from speeding through these packed streets. Very often, New Yorkers exceed speed limits both in the city and the countryside.

While everyone’s definitely making it to their appointments on time, they’re also paying hefty fines.

Using Cell Phones And Other Devices

Whether it’s to text or change the music, New Yorkers never shy away from multitasking while driving. Despite new laws about distracted driving, people in New York are fond of using their phones and other devices while getting from point A to point B—because let’s be real, when else would we ever get time to read the paper with our daily hustle?

But jokes aside, distracted driving is one the main reasons behind traffic accidents in New York.

A person texting  and driving

Disregarding Traffic Lights And Signs

This is something New Yorkers do a lot more frequently than those in other states; they are known to zoom through red lights and often ignore traffic signs, including those that tell them to stop.

Driving Despite A Suspended License

All traffic violations mentioned above mean that New Yorkers often get their licenses revoked or suspended. But for some people, that’s not really an issue, and it doesn’t stop them from hitting the road anyway.

It’s surprising how many people are charged tickets because they’re driving recklessly despite not even having a license.

Not Alerting Other Vehicles When  Making Turns

Given that New York is a huge state with heavy traffic in almost all parts of the city, it’s integral for drivers to have good communication skills on the road. But sadly, this isn’t true for most New Yorkers, who often get tickets for failing to signal when they make turns.

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