There are several repercussions for someone who is stopped and charged with drunk driving (DUI/DWI). Many commuters are familiar with these repercussions, including a suspended license, jail time, and significant increases in auto insurance. A DUI can affect a person’s life in various ways, even if they can keep their license and avoid going to jail.

Seeking Education

Numerous college and university applications question whether a candidate has been convicted of a crime. A person must respond “yes” if DUI is regarded as a crime in the state where the conviction occurred. A DUI can also prevent someone from receiving scholarships or other financial help, making getting a degree or finishing one more challenging.

Seeking Employment

Several companies may decide to let an employee resign with a DUI, significantly restricting future employment options. Any work where driving is a requirement of the position (such as delivery services or livery businesses) may seem to be out of the question at this point.

Inability to Acquire Licenses

Lawyers, doctors, electricians, engineers, and other professions that call for a state license may refuse or withdraw their licenses in reaction to a DUI. Even if the particular organization does not invalidate the permit, the person may lose their job and find it difficult to get employment in their industry.

Insurance Rates

A DUI conviction can increase the cost of all your insurances, such as life insurance and auto insurance. Additionally, life insurers may view the DUI as a sign of a drinking issue, increasing the risk of dying young and increasing life and health insurance premiums.

Personal Relationships

A DUI can harm a person’s connection with their family for various reasons. Legally, certain states can allow at-fault divorces following specific offenses, such as DUIs. A DUI may also impact how a judge decides on child custody in divorce situations. Depending on state legislation, a DUI may also prevent someone from adopting a child.

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