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Avoid Drunk Driving Charges With the Help of Our DWI Defense Attorney in White Plains

Do you know that your first instance of drunk driving in White Plains can get you a mandatory sentence of 48 hours or more? However, at a judge’s discretion, a person caught drunk driving in White Plains can get a jail time of 6 months or must do community service of 100 hours. The jail time can be two or three years long if it’s your second or third DUI.

Moreover, community service can increase if you’re caught drunk driving in White Plains for the second or third time. This jail time and community service can cut into valuable time, but our DUI Lawyers in White Plains can help you. We focus on defending you in trials and motions in court. We understand that it’s not always possible to know that you were drunk enough to be intoxicated and made the mistake of drunk driving in White Plains.

With the assistance of our DWI defense attorneys in White Plains, you can reduce your jail time, community service hours or fines. In addition, you can save your precious time and get your license back!

Prevent a Traffic Ticket in White Plains From Showing Up on Your Permanent Record

While paying the fine of a speeding ticket in White Plains might seem like a small thing, know that this traffic ticket can end up on your permanent driving record. That seems like a harsh conviction for a small mistake like using your phone while driving, running a speed sign, or driving over the speed limit.

Therefore, at DWI and Traffic Lawyers, we help you by getting your fine reduced or even removed in some cases. Our traffic lawyers in White Plains also determine if you’re up against circumstantial evidence, helping you defend against it. Moreover, we believe in making legal situations easier and explaining possible options to our clients. Our traffic lawyers in White Plains are experienced enough to know when to negotiate and when to go for a court trial. We can prevent your traffic tickets from getting on your permanent record.

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Hire Criminal Defense Lawyer in White Plains

Many people get into criminal accidents. For these people, the best option is to hire a criminal defense lawyer through DWI and Traffic Lawyers. Our criminal defense lawyers in White Plains know intricate legal details, and use that knowledge to help a defendant get a ‘not guilty’ verdict.

Reach out to us to learn more about our services in White Plains.